Welcome to “Stay-Cation Bible School”

Thank you for your interest in our “Stay-Cation Bible School. Our Lessons are based on the “Sky” VBS program where, “Everything is possible with God”, published by Group. Press the play button above for our theme song. We are excited about using this unusual format for our VBS program this year. We hope you and your children enjoy the daily stories and crafts. Some Lessons are presented with all ages in mind and others may have a lesson prepared for younger children (4-year-olds to grade 1) and the older children (grades 2 to 5).

Please take each lesson, a day at a time. We encourage you to talk about the meaning each of these stories has in our Christian faith. We pray that the witness of this “Stay-Cation Bible School” will enrich the faith of your family in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please click on the day heading to find the lesson and the craft.

Day 1 – A Roman Officer has faith in Christ.

Day 2 – Jesus brings Lazarus back to life!

Day 4 – Jesus dies and comes back to life!

Day 5 – Jesus makes a beachside breakfast for his friends.